Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hello everyone. In order to be able to post PDF's for you all to see, I have created a new website.

This is the site I will be using from this point forward.


Mr. Golden

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 18 HW.....

Last week before finals.....here's what we'll be working on.


t: 6.1/10, 15, 31; 6.2/23, 37, 50; 6.3/14, 32, 58, 62

w: Ch 5 test corrections

th: 1st third of the review sheet

f: 2nd third of the review sheet


t: pg 449/3-31(odd)

w: Wkbk…pg 104-105/1-14 all

th: 1st third of the review sheet

f: 2nd third of the review sheet

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week #17 HW.....

Welcome back to school everyone. I hope you had a great break. Here is what we will be working on the rest of this week.


m: pg 329-330/5-50 (5’s)

t: pg 330/12-48(4’s), pg 343/4-28(4’s)

w: pg 343-344/1-53 (eoo)

th: pg 356/1-17(o), 19-26 (all), 27, 28

f: pg 356/29-63(odd)


m: pg417/5-45(5’s), pg 424-425/5-70(5’s)

t: pg 432/4-38(e)

w: Wkbk…pg 100-101/1-24 all

th: pg 442/4-20 (e), 23-43 (o)

f: Wkbk…pg 102-103/1-19 all

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Extra Credit!!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and will have a great new year! Here is the assignment I spoke about in class last friday. Remember....they are due in class on the Monday we get back. No exceptions!!

Extra Credit Opportunity for Mr. Golden During Winter Break

Final exams are quickly approaching! Are you ready? Final exams for first semester will cover chapters 1-6 for Alg2/trig, (1-5, and most of 6 for Pre-Calc) which is everything we have covered this year. This is A LOT of information, so studying earlier and frequently will help you be better prepared. I will give you extra credit for completing some of this studying over break. Here’s how:

Choose a chapter we have studied, and using your notes, examples, book, and homework assignments, create a pamphlet ( a paper folded into 3 parts-think of a travel brochure) of important information from that chapter. Pretend as if you are tutoring someone in that chapter. You want to include formulas, examples of different types of problems, and important steps in solving problems. You should also make it look appealing as well. (Use colors, pictures, diagrams, etc….)

You may do as many of the first six chapters as you want, each worth 3 extra credit points. That is a total of 18 possible extra credit points. I will split the points evenly between your quiz, test, and homework grades. For example, if you do three chapters, you would earn 9 points: 3 to test, 3 to quiz, and 3 to homework. Any questions over break, feel free to email me at eagolden@cps.edu Have fun and be safe!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week #16 HW......

One last week.....here are the assignments:


M: Review Sheet

T: pg 318-319/9, 11, 17, 21,23, 25, 31,33,37,49, 71, 75, 77

W: none

Th: none



M: Wkbk…6.1/1-38…not middle column.

T: pg 417/8-44 (even)

W: pg 424/4-80(4’s)

Th: Wkbk….6.2/1-35….not first column